10 Secrets About Your Scent!


10 Secrets You Didn't Know About Your Perfume!

- The life time of your perfume after you open it is about 18 months.

- Spray your perfume from a distance of about 10 cm, in order to spread evenly on your skin.

- Do not keep your perfume in the bathroom. Heat and humidity can affect the smell and its life time. Choose a dark and cool place, for example in your nightstand drawer to store it. In summer, you can even keep your perfume in the fridge to extend its life span.

- Do not judge a perfume by how it smells when you spray it. It takes several minutes (about 15) to balance and reveal his character.

- Renew your perfume every 3-4 hours to maintain its scent throughout the day.

- To ensure even longer duration, prefer a shower gel and body cream of the same line as your perfume. In any case, do not use products with a different and strong smell, as this will confuse their smell with that of your perfume.

- The scent lasts longer on oily than on dry skin. So if you have dry skin, it is important on the one hand to spray your perfume on well-hydrated skin but also to renew your perfume more often. You can also apply a small amount of Vaseline on your skin to make your perfume last longer.

- Do not spray your hair directly with your perfume, as the alcohol it contains can dehydrate it. Spray your brush and wait a few seconds before combing.

- Do not wear perfume when sunbathing because it can cause photosensitivity on your skin.