Choose your perfume!


The fragrances are divided into families according to the notes of the ingredients they contain, floral, woody, spicy, oriental, cool and fruity. If in the past you showed a particular preference for a cool fragrance, chances are that you will again choose one from the same category.

- Make a list of the perfumes that piqued your curiosity and try them only when you are in a store of this kind. But try to spray on your skin only once per perfume because in the end you will be confused and you will not be able to decide which one you like best!

- Spray perfumes on the inside of your wrists and anywhere else from the wrists to the elbows - also on the inside. The reason is that sweat rarely appears in that area of ​​the hand due to the heat of the season (and sweat mixed with a perfume is not a safe combination of perfume choices).

- Allow a few minutes for the fragrance to dry on your skin to feel the full olfactory range of ingredients at the top, heart and base of the fragrance.

- Make your final choice taking into account not only the fragrance that flatters you, but also the result of freshness, well-being and general feeling that it gives you wearing it!