Spring is here!


Spring is here!

The flowers are blooming, nature is raging, the sun is shining and all you want is to be carefree, without obligations, in a meadow (very far from the city) and collect bouquets of flowers.  
If you live the dream you are one of the lucky ones of this life, if again at the moment you are reading the article and when you look opposite you see the walls of your house, then you have found the way to get into a spring mood instantly!
Just a spray of the new, spring fragrances.
What do we all want? An olfactory ode to joy for life, a special fragrance reminiscent of a fresh and playful rose, with a bolder and more modern look.
A cheerful interpretation of a glowing bud, where the spicy notes of pink pepper blend with the glow of black currant, before emerging with the velvety notes of raspberry.
A playful and addictive composition that is warmed by the cedar woods and the powdery feeling left by the patchouli, and is completed with an exquisite note from a unique olfactory adventure, combining the sensuality of the salty vanilla with the freshness of the flowers.
A freshness of the east, where the mandarin awakens the senses, enhanced by the flowery essential oils of ginger lily as well as jasmine with a tempting, bold, unique character.
The sensual and shiny salty vanilla accord exerts addictive magnetism, while the notes and their combinations are endless!

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We are here to help you choose the right one for you !!!