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The perfume

The scent has a significant role in our lives. This is confirmed by remembering how many times you have connected a person or a place or a phase of your life with a specific scent. That is how you can realize the importance of a fragrance.

In our “Aromaterie” , in Rhodes , you can find a big variety of perfumes that belong in the family of the all famous brands , for women and men. These fragrances come from France and they have an excellent quality.

“Aromaterie” gives you the opportunity to combine the perfume of your choice with body lotion , shower gel aftershave, massage oil , body butter , candles all scented with your favourite perfume and unique body lotion with shimmer and glitter!

Handy glass bottles with spray, in different sizes of 30 ml , 50 ml and 100 ml , can be a nice gift not only for you , but also for your friends and family.

The high quality of our products constitute the base of our philosophy , and we commit ourselves to the high level of the value for money .

You can , additionally, buy bath salts and handmade soaps as well as ethereal oils and soaps with your own perfume like Chanel , Narciso, J’adore and for men One million , Cool Water, Tom Ford , London etc.

You can also find olive oil soaps with citrus smell and loofah for massage , special for exfoliation and reduction of cellulite! They are all free of chemicals and preservatives. They are rich in metals and trace minerals, moisturizing elements and antioxidants. They revive and refresh the skin .

For face care there are excellent soaps with bee wax , chocolate butter , white, green and pink clay , goat milk for oily and sensitive skin with acne. There are best-seller soaps with glycerin with the amazing herbal colours and scents. They all have the most imaginative shapes , which you should prefer for bomboniers for your wedding and baptism ,bachelor parties or for your birthday gifts!!

Our Shops:

Aromaterie Rhodes: Ethelonton Dodekanision 35 , Rhodes. Tel. number : 22410 33660

Aromaterie Kos: Xanthou 10 , Konitsis square , Kos. Tel. number : 22420 26229 

Franchise: If you are interested in opening your own “Aromaterie “ shop contact us in Facebook “Aromaterie Rhodes” , or in the tel. number 2241033660 and in the e-mail : info@aromaterie.gr